Hopefest 2015 Sat Nov 21st

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We do this because we care. We share these stories because they matter. Read how we have been able to make the world a better place.

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Podcast Episode 009: Bridgette Ludden

In this podcast I spoke to Bridgette Ludden, Stella's mom, and she shared Stealla's story and an update on where they are today. As you can imagine these conversations are not always the easiest so I send out a huge thank you for Bridgette for being willing to open up and share. You can listen..[Continue Reading]

Meet Stella

Saturday night Project : Project hosted our first of 6 monthly live music fund raising events at JJ Muggs Stadium Grill in Jupiter, FL. The night was a great start to what has quickly become another very important mission for Hope From Harrison. To support Bridgette Ludden and baby Stella as they are facing the reality of..[Continue Reading]

The Next Chapter

As I write these words I am realizing how time and circumstance has nibbled at the intensity of my focus on and commitment to Hope From Harrison. After the rain finished pouring on HopeFest 2015 I was busted. Financially the event was a disaster. Emotionally it was about the same. I’m not going to go..[Continue Reading]

Project : Project

From day one of Hope From Harrison I was very clear about my intentions and why it was so important to me but I was never big on making public speeches at our events or talking too much about it. I have always preferred to act in silent service and allow my deeds to speak..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 008: Meghan Castle

Meghan Castle is Gabriel’s mom and she was kind enough to share with us Gabe’s journery from the challenges he faces physically to his normal day to day activities of just being a kid. Meghan also talks about the dynamic of having an older daughter and the relationship she has with Gabe.  Meghan and her family have..[Continue Reading]

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