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We do this because we care. We share these stories because they matter. Read how we have been able to make the world a better place.

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Podcast Episode 008: Meghan Castle

Meghan Castle is Gabriel’s mom and she was kind enough to share with us Gabe’s journery from the challenges he faces physically to his normal day to day activities of just being a kid. Meghan also talks about the dynamic of having an older daughter and the relationship she has with Gabe.  Meghan and her family have..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 007: Elizabeth Dodson

Elizabeth Dodson is Rylan’s mom and in this podcast she shares with us details of her journey with Rylan. From the scary moments of his birth, his touch and go first days, the hospital experience, to bringing Rylan home and learning to care for him. Elizabeth’s commitment to providing every possible  opportunity for Rylan is evident in..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 006: Rachel Mohlman (Riley’s Mom)

Rachel Mohlman is Riley Shidaker’s mother and she was kind enough to share Riley’s journey with us in this podcast. She talked about her pregnancy and the events that lead up to Riley’s cerebral palsy and other conditions (see list below). As you will hear Rachel is an amazing women, and mother, with high energy, passion and..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 005: Jeff Snow Podcast

Jeff & Susan Snow are the parents of Harrison Snow and an important part of both the history and future of Hope From Harrison. Our paths were destined to cross for good reason. They are amazing, loving and compassionate people. In this podcast Jeff and I talk about everything from Harrison’s journey to the lessons..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 004: Here Comes The Sun

In this episode we talk about our daughter’s first birthday and the joy and color she shines on our family. Having a baby after losing a child was a terrifying decision.  It took many years and major courage.  We had no way to know if what happened with Harrison could happen again.  Harper is our sunshine,..[Continue Reading]

Podcast Episode 003: SunFest 2015 Kaden & Lincoln

In this episode we talk about the history of our involvement in SunFest a 5 day music festival in West Palm Beach, FL. This year we raised money for Kaden Myers & Lincoln Gorfido. Over the years we have learned that participating in SunFest provides so much more than money to these children and their..[Continue Reading]

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